Meet Carrie

Meet Carrie

I come from a robust marketing background and understand what it means to have allegiance to a brand, including the necessity to convey messages pertaining to the uniqueness of a company through social media. After graduating from Loyola Marymount University in 2007, I started my marketing career at The Upper Deck Company, where I had the opportunity to build social media channels and integrate the communication into marketing plans when social media was just starting to take shape from a business angle. For three years, I created, developed and integrated social media and community development into existing marketing strategies.

In 2010, I expanded my brand marketing experience into the hospitality industry, where I was brought on to build a social media strategy from the ground up for La Costa Resort and Spa (now Omni La Costa), creating channels of communication to foster brand advocates and generate ROI through numerous social media channels and real-world events.

In January of 2011, I created a side social media consulting business, Carrie Elizabeth Consulting, where I created a network of clients ranging from non-profits, financial institutions, the entertainment industry, property management, and medicine.

Next, I was recruited to join prestigious digital marketing firm Internet Marketing Inc. as the Director of Social Media, where I worked with businesses to create an ongoing social media strategy in order to integrate seamlessly into existing marketing and business plans. After almost three years of growing the social media department from scratch, it was time to follow for entrepreneurial spirit and go back my consulting business full time.

Carrie Elizabeth Inc. has been in full swing now since August 2014 and exists to help businesses excel in their industry through social media strategy and execution.

Award-winning team of digital marketing specialists with years of experience in various industries with decades of custom client strategies to cater to client needs, led by Carrie Barrett.
We specialize in marketing training, content creation, social media strategy and channel management, public relations, real-world event marketing and blogger/influencer outreach.
We believe that marketing is, and should be, fun - It gives business owners the chance to make and foster real relationships with customers while growing their business. Our mission is to empower clients to be the best social media marketers in their industry.
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