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November 19th, 2014


Last month was a busy month filled with networking, conferences and webinar opportunities to chat all things social media and events, especially as it pertains to San Diego.

As discussed a few weeks back, Carrie had the fortunate chance to attend Social Fresh West 2014, a social media conference in the heart of San Diego. As a veteran attendee, Carrie was invited by Tyler Anderson, CEO of Casual Fridays, to be a guest on his podcast, Social Media Social Hour for a recap of the event and to discuss key takeaways and learnings from the conference. Tyler also invited another attendee, Adrienne Stillman, a marketing and brand strategy consultant from Napa Valley, to hop on the podcast as well.

Over the course of the thirty or so minutes of the podcast, Carrie, Tyler and Adrienne discussed key highlights of both days, speakers that resonated well and were thought provoking, and most importantly, what the top learnings of the conference were at the end of the event.

To listen to the entire podcast and learn what Carrie’s top learning was, visit Casual Fridays. While you’re at it, subscribe to the podcast to stay in the know of all things social media in Tyler’s weekly podcast.


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