5 Essential Tips for Effective “PR Speak”

November 15th, 2015

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Create an arsenal of communication tools to ensure you are putting your best foot forward for all-things PR.

This post was contributed by a Carrie Elizabeth contributor, Devin Dilday.

Having effective writing skills is imperative to having a successful business and marketing strategy. One would be insufficient without the other. Below we have outlined essential tips for making PR powerful and effective in order to enhance your overall communication plans. These tips are especially pertinent for writing social media content, press releases, website copy, press kits and when prepping for a speech for a press conference or trade show.

Readability/ Listenability– Be clear, concise, and make it easy to read and understand. No one wants to read something with complicated or unnecessary words that could cause them to stumble. You can do this through regulating sentence and word length. A great tip for this is adding more periods and avoiding excessive words.

Naturalness– Write like you speak. This isn’t a law school proposal; have some character in your writing! A great way to test content is to read it out loud. If it makes you bored reading it, then you will know to change it and spruce it up.

Variety– Be interesting. Excite your readers. Try to add some creativity in your writing, while also following the cardinal rules of PR writing. Tip: don’t use the same word twice in one sentence. Try to be novel in your writing and engage others!

Eliminate Bias– While you want to come across authoritative, be cognoscente of your readers and knowledge base on the subject. Speak as an industry thought leader and avoid any bias tendencies and generalizations.

Euphony– When you read good writing it is pleasing to the ear and rhythmic. Have fun with words and determine the company persona and stay confident in your voice. Play around with different styles and personalities and see what works best for you and the brand.

So… Next time you are writing a press release, magazine article, press kit, or blog post remember to keep these five tips in mind.

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