10 Questions to Determine Brand Persona

December 3rd, 2014


Standing above the crowd in the social media madness is a tough job only made harder if a brand doesn’t have a social voice that drives the unique company identity. One of my favorite questions to ask a client is “If your company were a person, what would they be like?”. Blank stares tend to ensue, and they are dumbfounded. On the other hand, in one instance, a smart¬†CEO replied enthusiastically and went on and on about the personality of the company and how he’d like us to help him play it out with a social strategy. The difference between finding your brand voice and not will correlate to the health and engagement of your social community. Customers want to feel that brands they love relate to them and are approachable.

Below is a starting line of questions to ask yourself when fine-tuning a company’s social media voice and persona.

1. What is the demographic makeup of your current customer, and does that align with the demographic makeup of your ideal customer?

2. If your brand or company were a person, what would he/she be like?

3. Is your company male or female? How old?

4. Does your company have family? Married/kids/grandkids, etc.

5. What is important to them? Work, family, travel, cars, fashion, etc.

6. When speaking, do they use emoticons and punctuation such as exclamation marks? This is important when creating a consistent voice and tone across all social channels and across co-contributors if more than one person manages the channels.

7. What is the brand personality? Are you funny, sarcastic

8. What is the brand value set? What are the three or five major values your brand persona stands on? Integrity, Transparency, Trust?

9. How does the brand interact with customers and potential customers across the social channels? Do you reply to every post, or are you selective and let your brand ambassadors answer for you?

10. What makes you unique? Understand your value proposition and embrace it on social media… and most importantly, HAVE FUN!

What brands or companies do you see as industry leaders when it comes to brand personification?

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