Tools to Tighten Up your Twitter Following

October 13th, 2014


Let’s envision the following scenario: You decide to join Twitter as a brand or as yourself, and you’re instantly daunted by how it works, who to follow, and how to send a tweet to your tweeps. When trying to grow your Twitter followers on the “Who’s Who” of industries and niches social platform, you may make some rash decisions when clicking the “follow” button, and have immediate regret only to be side barred into another tweet conversation or a DM, forgetting entirely about the previous rampage you were just on.

Thankfully, there are plenty of tools available that will help you clean out who you follow so you can look the part in whichever “Who’s Who” circle you may be a part of. Below are our two favorites, Tweepi and ManageFlitter.


Fee: Two options, $7.49 for silver package || $14.99 for platinum package

Tweepi is a favorite tool of ours when it comes to quick and easy ways to clean up your Twitter followers. The tool allows you to flush out the followers who don’t follow you, people who are inactive, and you can also force people you don’t want following you to unfollow you (new feature).


Fee: Three options, Basic Freebie account for $0/month || Pro account for $12/month || Business account for $49/month

ManageFlitter has three component pricing options, that range from basic account cleanup, help growing your account, business features and analytics/reporting. Learn more about all the plan breakdowns and logistics here:

What tools do you use to clean up your followers on Twitter, and have you found comparable tools for other social sites?


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