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October 28th, 2014


People often ask how I can possibly stay up to date on the quickly changing scope of social media. In an industry that is evolving every day, it is imperative that I equip myself with the proper tool belt of resources. So, I thought it would make sense to share with you my favorite daily reads on all things social media. The below list of publications offers a wide array of technical social media news, PR and communication articles, social media case studies, and thought provoking digital marketing articles to widen my knowledge of marketing as a whole. I highly recommend you click through to the sites below and subscribe to their daily email list.

I truly am a student at heart, and hope you enjoy learning from these daily emails as much as I do!

1. Social Media Examiner

The Social Media Examiner blog is complete with a fantastic set of content writers, and they are very good at churning out thorough, step-by-step articles once or twice a day. The topics are very technical and they dive into a range of topics including ways you can interpret Google Analytics data, to app reviews such as Facebook’s Rooms. The articles are fairly long and will rarely leave you with additional questions once you read through their entire posts.

2. Ragan

I love Ragan for their snazzy, succinct and topical articles. Their posts are easy to digest when you only have a few minutes to skim an article, and they send out a daily highlight email that breaks down about 10 articles in the morning, and in the afternoon they send you the top performing article of the day in a “Ragan Extra” email. They also focus on a lot of list posts and even feature yours truly every once and a while as seen below:

10 (more) must-have traits to work in social media

Want to work in social media?

Grandpa Knows Best

3. SmartBrief on Social Media

SmartBrief is brilliant. They employ top editors in various industries who scour the news for you, then create the most important stories into one daily email so you can get all the news on a as-need basis. SmartBrief on Social Business pulls top stories from sites such as AllFacebook, AdAge, ClickZ and Forbes to help users cut through the clutter online and to stay up to speed on the industry.

4. iMedia Connection

iMedia Connection was the first industry publication I ever subscribed to, and was also the host of the first professional conference I attended right out of college. They have grown a long way since then, and I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to watch as they turned into a content writing machine. They focus not only on social media, but on larger search engine marketing, SEO and other means to focus on high-level strategic marketing innovation for marketers of all sizes.

5. Jeff Bullas

Don’t let the simple design of this blog fool you. Jeff Bullas has been a blogger for many years and has built an incredibly loyal following of people who anxiously await his daily posts that focus on social media marketing, email marketing, SEO, and overarching content/digital strategy.  Jeff Bullas was also ranked #4 as a global marketing influencer in 2014 by This guy knows his stuff, and I sure love his blog.

What daily or weekly sites or publications are your go-to for staying up to date on social media and digital marketing? Would love to hear your comments in the section below!

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