A Social Media Interview with Derek Jeter

October 6th, 2014


In my first job out of college at Upper Deck, I had the fortunate role to work in the events and sports marketing department. As a recent graduate, I had the most incredible first job imaginable.


The three years at Upper Deck included hosting Drew Brees at a VIP event, helping plan a Super Bowl party where the Manning brothers and Hall of Fame players were present, planning a private Make-A-Wish event with LeBron James at our Upper Deck offices, and my personal favorite, interviewing Derek Jeter at the new Yankee stadium the first year it opened. I had been selected as the community manager for Upper Deck’s newest venture, UpperDeckU, a MMOG for kids that was sports-themed and league and player association approved. It was awesome. I got to play games with kids and chat all things sports all day long. As part of our contract with Jeter, we were able to use him for a player appearance and needed to come up with a way to creatively leverage the contract deliverable.


We decided to host a virtual guest appearance inside the game, UpperDeckU. We created an avatar for Derek Jeter and set up shop at the new Yankee Stadium where we hosted the live Q&A with the future hall of famer. Kids logged in to the game and were able to ask Jeter questions for 30 minutes, and I was the facilitator. You can see the highlight video below.

Back in 2009, social media was just starting to take shape from a corporate standpoint. We had promoted the video and live component on social, but nowadays, I would have approached this incredible opportunity much differently.

If you happen to have the opportunity to leverage a celebrity or high profile person to align with your brand, I would use the below checklist to ensure you’re making the most out of the endorsement:

  • Understand the contractual limitations and offerings to roll out a successful event. Ideally social media posts should be included in the contract for the celebrity. If not, talk to your legal team about adding it into the contracts for future opportunities.
  • Be clear from the beginning when talking with the celebrity and their “people” about what is expected of them at the event to limit surprises or no follow through.
  • Leverage the event for a timely purpose such as a product launch to leverage the hype and to turn social buzz to revenue post-event with email capture and follow up campaigns
  • Create an event hashtag to track conversations across all social networks pre, during and post event to track overall impressions, reach and conversations. You can register a hashtag on Twubs and track hashtags across networks via Tagboard.
  • Ensure the celebrity is tweeting/posting, etc. to gain traction of the event and hashtag
  • Find trusted and relevant social influencers with high social followings to partake in the event if possible. This helps gather more conversations with more people during the event and improve overall reach.

What other tips would you add to the list?

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